Sanxing Chen (陈三星)


I'm an undergraduate student studying Computer Science at the China University of Geosciences (Beijing). I have a broad interest in how to make the computer understand human language, aka. natural language processing, and how to gain more understanding of language by using computational approaches, aka. computational linguistics. I'm currently working on domain adaptation for machine translation as my undergraduate dissertation with Prof. Xiaohui Ji. I was once interning in Microsoft Research Asia at the Big Data Mining group working on multilingual entity recognition under the supervision of Dr. Börje Karlsson and Guoxin Wang.


  • [Feb 27, 2019] I'm going to rejoin MSRA BDM group in April, happy to see my old friends there!
  • [Feb 21, 2019] Got accepted by MSCS@UVa!
  • [Dec 16, 2018] All MS/Ph.D. applications sent out!


  • My name is pronounced as "sǣnɕə̄ŋ".
  • I come from Quanzhou.
  • I started playing the violin when I was a little boy.


E-mail: staychan [dot] cn [at] gmail [dot] com